Shirley Lawrence Bellows' Fine Art
Watercolours, Coloured Pencil Art, Acrylic Animal and Floral Paintings, Pacific West Coast art, Vancouver Island art, British Columbia Art, Graphite art
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Hayley - not for sale

Pastel - our beautiful Shetland Sheepdog

Brightmeadow Summer Magic

8" x 10"

Not for Sale

I completed this portrait after Hayley died and set it vertically upon the seat of a chair in the living room to see if it needed anything added to it. Her son, Shenan, came into the room and upon seeing the portrait, he charged towards it barking. He then circled the chair completely all the while sniffing the air. I don't think any better compliment to the reality of my pet portraits can be made.

Hayley  -  not for sale

A portrait of the beautiful Brightmeadow Summer Magic, one of ourstanding Shetland Sheepdogs.